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To celebrate the new configuration, the library has decided to host a community Maker Faire.

Families are invited to partake in an all-day immersion of maker culture with a Latino twist.

Interestingly enough, Bill Gates easily has twice as many followers as Tom Cruise on Twitter (Gates with 7,215,994 and Cruise with 3,077,444), but Cruise has 4,231,919 followers on Weibo, one million more than Gates. After a fierce competition with Kaixin ( Renren has come out on top.

Originally, Renren lost a lawsuit about its domain name — because it was so closer to Kaixin's.

The space is flexible, with furniture designed to be easily movable and to accommodate multiple stations.

Majority developed secondary metastatic tumors in the lung.-/- mice grow normally but lymphocytes defective in homing capability, resulting in hypoplastic secondary lymphoid organs and impairment of B cell maturation.

Skin and splenic dendritic cells are severely affected in migration.

Part of its popularity can be attributed to the ability of users to include images and video, something Twitter is only now beginning to allow.

Today it’s the top platform for social discourse and a big driver for consumer activity. Just as American celebrities communicate with their fans via Twitter, Chinese celebrities depend on Weibo as a way to connect with their fans and drive popularity.

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