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The model, of course, became a mostly household name as the result of her romance with the rapper. I had to just take that L, take that heartbreak on top of it," she says in this interview, going on more detail about the fallout from their split: "That is an extreme form of bullying as well, to have such a huge voice to put out an album, to say whatever the fuck you want." That's an interesting take, referring to break-up anthems as "bullying." It's an accusation Taylor Swift has sort of faced in the past as well.

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"They both wanted to have Dream, it wasn't a mistake," she said of the romance.

"Chyna was with Rob, she had a baby with him, they both wanted Dream, a beautiful baby. "She did not want to be in that situation anymore, and that made people uncomfortable." What advice would she have given Rob after they broke up and then Chyna moved on with another "Rob should have been a mature adult and had a conversation with Chyna and been like, 'You know what Chyna, I'm very frustrated, I feel like you used me,'" Amber explained. I didn't, I actually cared about you, but I'm not trying to be in this situation with you anymore." In conclusion, Rose says of Kardashian: "He didn't have to go on the internet and be petty, and now he's dealing with revenge porn. It's time to grow up and handle your business properly.

Typically reticent Amber Rose is finally speaking out about the ultimate demise of her very public, very contentious relationship with Kanye West, which ended in 2010 because the hip hop mogul was cheating, according to Rose. Rose points the finger at Kim Kardashian, calling her a "homewrecker" and "one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together" in an interview with .

She also accuses Kim of cheating on her then-boyfriend, Reggie Bush, by sending Kanye a litany of salacious messages and photos.

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