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During that tame tete-a-tete, she never let on about the sordid, suicidal, sexually-depraved, alcohol and drug-addicted life she had been leading, despite being a single-mom.

Nor did she discuss bottoming-out after an overdose which left her broke, blacklisted and living in a car with her little boy.

But enough of our commentary, here are the highlights: On Bill Maher: Superhead says over and over how much she loves him.

But it’s obvious by the way she talks about him – that he only sees her as just a jump off.

We had to read that 180 page piece of trash, but why should you.

So we’ve summarized below all of the interesting parts of the book.

In it, she admits to sleeping with Puff Daddy, DMX, Xzibit, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Doctor Dre, Ice-T, Bobby Brown, Usher, Shaquille O'Neal and Vin Diesel, to name a few.

But what’s also obvious is that Superhead has absolutely .

She talks about al these guys like they care about her.

So, I figured it was high time I track Karrine down again to find out why she lied to me the first go-round.

Furthermore, I needed to get the lowdown on what life in the fast lane had been like for this naughty girl affectionately referred to as "Superhead" by the gangsta rappers and the rest of the long list of famous lovers who shared her bed.

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