Dating a man over 60

And hopefully both of you have grown significantly since the divorce, perhaps enough to consider dating again.

One impact of loneliness, or the fear of it, is that it can compel us to make poor relationship choices.

I’m in my 60s and have found mortality weighs more heavily in this decade.

His clothes are tailored and well cut, expensive cufflinks visible through the buttonholes of a clean crisp shirt.

As more couples get divorced after their middle age and as the quality of life for senior singles improves, it makes sense for them to look for romantic opportunities as well.

So if you are a single man over sixty and have ample resources at your disposal, here is how to make the best of the dating scene.

I think that both men and women improve with age, Liz Hurley 46 for example with her never ending legs and glossy mane looks infinitely better than she did circa Versace safety pin dress, Halle Berry 44 and those bloody cheekbones , even fat but gorgeous Kirstie Alley at, wait for it 60, looks as hot as fondue cheese right now, I’ll have some of her cake please.

So too men, in my opinion just get juicer and more delicious as the years go by, it comes as no surprise that Take That tickets sold out within minutes, and women who should know better having left husbands in doors with the kids, were photographed, brawling, puking and crying outside gig venues in mass hysteria over the golden 5, the spritely young boy band have come of age and boy, can they still pack a stadium. And was saddened to see that recently my first crush, Peter Falks had popped his clogs, when other girls at school where dreaming of Brad Pitt (although now in his mid 40’s, you catching my drift girls) I was in front of the TV lusting after a glass eye and brown raincoat.

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