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It contains unpublished manuscripts, lecture notes, correspondence, teaching materials, dissertations, and some monographs. The most important correspondents in the professional section are Rudolf Carnap and Eugene Wigner.

The correspondence is almost entirely professional. There are also notes from debates or discussions engaged in with specific colleagues at events held at colleges where he had been an invited speaker. The material is arranged into six series, some of which are further divided into subseries. Scope and Content Notes: The correspondence in this sub-series is professional corresondence to physicists and philosophers working on problems of interest to Shimony. Scope and Content Notes: The material in this sub-series consists primarily of letters to editors of scientific journals or popular magazines on technical or semi-technical matters of philosophy of physics.

He has written books and research articles on the foundations of quantum mechanics.

For his work in Philosophy of Science, he was awarded the 1996 Lakatos Prize.

The results of actual experiments agree with the predictions of quantum mechanics, not those of local realism.var List Page = ; List Page.ajax("/hotels/hotel_suggestions.js?action=index&clean_path=herzlia-israel&controller=topics&country_code=¤t_user_id=&filters=&id=2000000023991&klass_name=Region&list_type=attractions&nearby=false&path=herzlia-israel/things-to-do&place=2000000023991&place_type=City&place_type=region®ion=2000000023991", function()); var Hotel Rates = ; if (typeof Intent Media ! An account of the long standing debate between Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein regarding the validity of the quantum mechanical description of atomic phenomena.This document is the first installment of three in the Cerro Grande Fire Series.

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Prior to any measurements being made, the polarizations of the photons are indeterminate; If a measurement is made on one of the photons using a two-channel polarizer aligned with the axes of the coordinate system, the photon assumes either horizontal or vertical polarization, with 50% probability for each orientation, and the other two photons immediately assume the identical polarization.

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