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Educational and reference site run by Ben Archer, a designer, educator and type enthusiast located in England (who was in Auckland, New Zealand, before that). About Erwin Gothic, he says: The design of Erwin Gothic is based on a series of German grotesque families from the early 1900s, designed originally by Johannes Wagner and distributed originally by Wagner&Schmidt as Wotan (ca. ), Lessing, Reichsgrotesk and Edel Grotesque; and subsequently reworked and re-released by several foundries under these names as well as names such as Annonce Grotesque (ca. The Solotype Catalog is a file with information on Dan Solo's typefaces, annotated with remarks about name equivalences and digitizations. He has worked extensively designing Greek, Cyrllic, Thai, Hebrew and Arabic alphabets to satisfy the requirements of customers such as IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Sun and Sybase. His typefaces: Andale Mono (Monotype ), Andale Mono (Ascender).

Everett, WA, 1966) is a designer in South Jordan, UT (near Salt Lake City) who has produced some fonts for his own projects. Typefaces by him include DTD Silvertone Woodtype, DTD Architrave Sans, DTD Tinhorn, DTD Venceremos Latin, DTD Hefeweizen (blackletter, beer bottle font), DTD Architrave (2001), DTD Digita (a great screen font), DTD Seriatim [ Seriatim Gestalt, Seriatim Uncial, 2003, Seriatim Sans, 2003), DTW Erwin (2004, a Venetian newspaper typeface for the Erwin Record, a small, weekly newspaper in the town of Erwin in northeastern Tennessee, based on a cross of Plantin and Cloister), and Erwin Gothic (2007), its companion. He has collected a virtually complete list of books on typography. Images of selected typefaces: Agency Gothic, Alpha Midnight, Alpha Twilight, Anita Lightface (1977), Art Deco Display Alphabets, Ashley Crawford, Ashley Inline, Astur, Bamberg, Banco, Beans, Blackline, Bobo Bold, Braggadocio, Broadway Engraved, Busorama Bold, Busorama Light, Bust, Charger, Checkmate, Colonel Hoople, Corral, Dudley P Narrow, Dynamo, Earth (a futuristic / prismatic typeface revived by nick Curtis in 2015 as Terranova NF), Eclipse, Empire, Ewie, Fat Cat, Fatso, Festival, Futura Black, Futura Inline, Gillies Gothic Bold, Greeting Monotone, Grooviest Gothic, Hess Neobold, Hotline, Huxley Vertical, Inkwell Black, Joanna Solotype, Joyce Black, Koloss, Lampoon, Mania, Mania Contour A, Mania Contour B, Margit, Mindy Highlight, Modernistic, Monograms Stencil, Mossman, Neon, Neuland ( Inline), Phosphor, Piccadilly, Pickfair, Polly, Prismania P, Quote, Rhythm Bold, Shady Deal, Sheet Steel, Sinaloa. At the same time, he was involved in producing bitmaps and outline fonts for cell phones and TV set top environments. At ATyp I 2011 in Reykjavik, he spoke on typefaces for Android OS.

Paul Shaw's list of the 100 most significant typefaces of all times were recategorized by Archer: David Thometz (b. In 2004, David Thometz Design made its debut at My Fonts with Seriatim (dingbats), Silvertone Woodtype and Hefeweizen. In 1996, he founded Delve Fonts in Berkeley, CA (in fact, Delve Media Arts, and later renamed Delve Fonts). Designer of these typefaces: Other: Acantha, Assay, Baraboo Banner, Beijing, Bindweed, Brevet (after a Victorian original by Ernst Laushke, 1887), Brussels, Cathedral, Cleopatra, Cognac, Crossroads, Dainty Lady, Dangerfield, Diablo, Dime Museum, Dutch Treat, Egyptian Oldstyle, Excelsis, Extravaganza, Grecian, Lord Mayor, Malibu, Minnesota, Moulin Rouge, Penny Arcade, Rigney, Trixie, Valerie, Zorro. He stayed with Monotype and then Agfa/Monotype until 2003 (when he was probably fired, but that is only an unreliable guess), directing type development from the design office in Palo Alto, CA. He has directed branding projects such as Agilent Technology's corporate sans serif and Microsoft's corporate font family 'Segoe'.

Sanchez 9780769251332 0769251331 30 Broadway Classics - Clarinet, Alfred Publishing 9781843223139 1843223139 My Treasury of Five Minute Stories, Nicola Baxter 9781436771689 1436771684 An Essay on the History and Effects of the Laws of Mortmain - And the Laws Against Testamentary Dispositions for Pious Purposes (1853), W. Finlason, William Francis Finlason 9780757903588 0757903584 Bass Clarinet Student, Level Three, Neal Porter, Robert Lowry, James D. Jenkins 9780415992077 0415992079 Racist America - Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations, Joe R Feagin 9780540093915 0540093912 Philip's Red Books Weymouth and Dorchester 9780742416192 0742416194 Write from the Start Two-Book Set, Lda, Ion Teodorescu, Lois M Addy 9781436351133 1436351138 Lost Inside, Urban Nilsson 9781437848731 1437848737 The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe 9780970165466 0970165463 Indebted as Lord Chom, Ha Song 9780769245423 0769245420 Stabat Mater - Sa with Sa Soli (Orch.) (Latin Language Edition) 9781895837476 1895837472 The Friendly Banker, Richard Baughman 9780853644804 0853644802 Matthew - Evangelist and Teacher, R. France 9781740097345 1740097343 Spreadsheet Modelling in Corporate Finance: Paperback Website - Paperback Website, Martin Hovey 9780739029480 0739029487 Chop-Monster, Bk 2 - Trumpet 2, Shelly Berg 9780061126161 0061126160 El Tesoro de Noelle - Una Nueva Magica y Misteriosa Aventura, Gloria Estefan, Michael Garland 9780415448604 0415448603 Colloquial Arabic (Levantine), Leslie Mc Loughlin 9780889822252 0889822255 Time Out of Mind, Laurie Block 9781932307849 1932307842 We Weren't Finished Being Parents - When You Lose Your Only Child, Barbara B Mercer 4000127159243 Tiger Rag, Jan and Kjeld 9789703511808 9703511805 Luis Sahagun Cortes - Pincel del Equilibrio, Ma Del Carmen Alberu Gomez 9780471792772 0471792772 Principles of Polymer Processing, Zehev Tadmor, Costas G.

If you have any suggestions regarding content please mail to Dr. A journal for ancient philosophy and science 42 (2009) Nr.3; Nr.4 Apulum 46 (2009) Aquilia Nostra 79 (2008) Aquitania 24 (2008) Archaeologia Austriaca 90 (2006) Archaeologia Bulgarica 13 (2009) Nr.3 Archaeological Reports for 19xx 55 (2008-09) Archaeometry 52 (2010) Nr.1 Archailogikon Deltion 55 (2000)[2009] Nr.2 Archaiologika analekta 40-41 (2007-08) Archäologie Österreichs 20 (2009) Nr.2 Archäologische Informationen 31 (2008) Nr.1-2 Archeologia 474 (2010) Archeopages 26 (2009) Aremorica 3 (2009) Arheolo­ki vestnik 60 (2009) Atene e Roma 3 (2009) Atti della Accademia nazionale dei Lincei.

Rendiconti 20 (2009) Nr.1 Atti della Pontificia accademia romana di archeologia. Revista de la sociedad española de ciencias de las religiones 3 (2009) Biblica 90 (2009) Nr.4 Biuletyn numizmatyczny (2009) Nr.4 Bizantinistica 10 (2008) Bollettino storico cremonese 13-14 (2006-07) Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2010) Nr.2 Bulletin de la Société archéologique champenoise101 (2008) Nr.4 Bulletin du Musée hongrois des beaux-arts 108-109 (2008) Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental 356 (2009) Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 52 (2009) Butlletí arqueològic 29 (2007) Byzantinoslavica 67 (2009) Cahiers alsaciens d’archéologie d’art et d’histoire 52 (2009) Cahiers archéologiques 52 (2005-08) Cahiers d’archéologie et d’histoire du Berry 179 (2009) Cahiers d’archéologie fribourgeoise.

In version 1.25 of the font, it was renamed to Andale Mono, distributed with Internet Explorer 5.

It is often used by programmers, and is bundled with Mac OS X.

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