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That sexy MILF on your street, always smiling so big when you rode your bike by, ya she's here too. Warning: this is an adult phone sex fetish service. By accessing this service you are affirming that you are an adult of legal age and that it is legal in your locality to phone or view explicit adult material. Vonnie confined her activities to my grandparent's house.

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Merely having fabulous, incestuous sex wasn't always enough for her. Mom had an early dental appointment, and she was out the door before I got up. "Say hi to Aunt Siobhan for me," she said softly, with a playful grin. She sends me a text." Vonnie brought her device to life, and found this morning's message from my sister, then handed it to me. Just had the most wonderful morning of orgasms, thanks to D. I hope you don't mind me helping myself to your toy, but I was horny, and he's just so fucking good. " I asked, still not following this convoluted, female line of thinking.

Doing it with Mom nearby seemed to turn her crank to even higher levels, and I didn't find it as much fun as she did. Nothing terribly unusual about that, as it had happened often enough in the past, but this was the first since I became my sister's favourite plaything. My cock was dripping with her froth, and it only took two strokes with my hand before I exploded, sending thick jets of white semen in arcs through the air. That's what she said she wanted, and that's exactly what she got, as cum rained down on her from above. That's plenty," she smiled, cupping her huge rack and spreading my discharge around with her delicate hands. I'll shower first," she giggled, and leapt off the bed. "Be my guest." She turned to face me, giving me full access to her chest, and I lathered those beautiful breasts thoroughly. "Have fun." I gave her a silent nod, and pulled the door shut behind me. I'm not really complaining, just saying that, if I'd been awake, I probably wouldn't have gone into my sister's bedroom and fucked her, the way she did to me.

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