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This posting a picture produced by the other meeting, we problems with dating a separated man host a pretty good idea about what or who they.Period 2015-74 I must say that they think are necessary to have someone.My ode to mangos last week rendered me incapable of passing the fruit without buying some. Mangos – in salads, in chutney, in desserts, and in mango lassi – have been a dependable element in an April that has been disorienting. That last one has struck me more distinctly this month as I try to chart a course into the next couple years.(Which, of course, is a pretty common occurrence around here.) I never had strong feelings about mango before I lived in Thailand. I ran yesterday morning and picked up these beauties before breakfast. I haven’t talked about it here, but this month was the month that Frank and I had originally planned to leave Bangkok. Although we talked about it at great length, in the end we both felt good about staying a bit longer in Bangkok. Just as our plans are a moving target, so too, are the lives of our friends here in Bangkok. I was having lunch yesterday with friends and our talk, as it often does, turned to plans and the future. It truly used to take weeks for me to adapt to a new picture on the wall, and I still gravitate towards what is familiar and safe.Our work badges expire, our lease was supposed to be up, we had planned to spend April packing our things, stocking up on a lifetime supply of chili paste, and plotting our next move. My confidence that this is the right thing for us does not change the fact that some part of my brain saw this month as the end of a chapter. Frank and I are so incredibly lucky to have friends here who we connect with on many levels, and whom (most rare of finds) we love to travel with! What helps me to push past that is the realization that some of the best things in my life have come from embracing and even seeking change.I was ready to turn the page and move on to the next thing. Life’s great adventures come when we step outside of what we know. The pharmaceutical industry is happy to lend a hand, of course.

Make a tadka of black 0.25 tspn mustard seeds and add to the lassi. w=750" data-large-file=" w=840" / Another beautiful lassi, this time with a hint of chilli and green coriander.A lassi is a yoghurt based Indian drink that cools the effect of hot summers. Salt Lassi with Chilli and Green Coriander | Indian Savoury Yoghurt Drink | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking " data-medium-file=" Use the same proportions of yogurt and ice, as mentioned above, add sugar (to taste), blend it all together.Salt Lassi with Chilli and Green Coriander | Indian Savoury Yoghurt Drink | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking " data-medium-file="

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