Ms access update query not updating table

Build a subform based on the 3rd table -- make it a Datasheet 3.

In Design view on the first form, press F11 to show the DB window and drag and drop the subform onto the main form. Immediately check the properties of the subform -- go to the Data tab and look for the Master and Child fields, they should both be Account Code , if not set it up.

Then if you use this new query as the Control Source of your Form, you should be able to do your updates.A query that I run pulls in data from two separate sources (a table with descriptions and another query with account codes).Based on this aggregated data, I can manually review and determine what analysis code to append to another table in the database (that also holds the account codes). Can this "other" table that has the field you want to update be linked to your other table and query in one "large" query?When writing an sql query referring to one table, I have the ability to update data inside the table created by the query, for instance: SELECT * FROM products; When the query involves more than one table updateing data in the table created is not possible. Color=CO.colornum; Is there an possibility of writing such a query and still have the option of updating data in the table created ?

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