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Stories range from fluffy to explicit and can be based on Yanagi/Sanada, Sanada/Yukimura, Yukimura/Yanagi, or the all three! Wyspa Tairiku, na terenie której znajduje się dziewięć królestw, ze spokojnej i przyjaznej, niedługo zamieni się w poplamioną krwią, suchą pustynię.

He comes from a very traditional family, is stern and noble, plays with honor, and expects the best from himself and his teammates.

However, there's an unexpected factor to consider: Yukimura's health has taken a sudden nosedive, therefore there's extra pressure on them this time... He is called "The Child of God" due to his strength on the tennis court.

Despite his strength, he has a very frail and feminine appearance, and he is very friendly to others outside of the court.

Under the leadership of Kite Eishirou, Higa dominated its Regional Tournament, dethroning Shishigaku, last year's National semifinalist.

They have quite the unorthodox techniques, based in Okinawan martial arts, as well as Kite Eishirou is the captain of Higa, whose nicknames are "Killer" and "The Hitman", as well as receiving a reputation for defeating the aces of many other teams.

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