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In this instance the software would lure users to a malicious web address in an attempt to install a virus on the device being used.Users pointed out that one way to spot a bot is that their height is often listed as under 3 foot The bots, after sometimes convincingly carrying out a conversation, try to lure the user into clicking on a spam link to a fake webcam site.“When I started out,” says David Levy, international chess champion and expert in artificial intelligence, “I didn’t know anything about artificial vaginas.It is quite extraordinary how much interest there is in that subject.”, is perhaps the fullest exploration of the future of humans and robots, especially their interaction in the bedroom.However, although venting spleen might get you straight through to a fellow human, it might not help you get your problems sorted any more quickly - and, at least in Apple's case, it could even take longer.Another Reddit user responding to floppybutton's thread, who claimed to have spent three years on the phones as an employee of the Cupertino, California-based tech company, said that triggering the feature would only get you through to a 'call director'.

"Teach good words, Report bad words, Everybody be happy with Sim Simi!

Which is why we can all relate to this text conversation between mum and blogger Belinda Hankins from Arkansas and her 13-year-old daughter.

At the weekend, Belinda drove her daughter to the shop so she could run in and get some tampons while she waited for her outside in the car. ‘This was the highlight of my parenting week,’ Belinda explained on Facebook.

We all know finding the tampons in Boots is always a mission.

Instead of just having a simple sign reading ‘Tampons and sanitary towels’ with a giant arrow, so you can get in and out fast, companies prefer to allude to them with terms like ‘feminine hygiene products’, which no one’s ever called them, ever.

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